Welcome to the Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience

The Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience (TAMIN) is a multidisciplinary program created in 2009 between Texas A&M University (TAMU) and The Texas A&M University Health Science Center (TAMHSC).    TAMIN consists of a highly collegial and interactive Faculty with research interests in neuroscience. TAMIN provide an organizational structure that strengthens interdisciplinary and collaborative research, enhances scholarship and research funding, promotes national visibility, promotes postdoctoral and graduate training, and offers undergraduates unique training opportunities within the area of Neuroscience.

Within TAMIN there is a strong teaching commitment with the PhD degree program in Neuroscience (NRSC) and undergraduate minor in Neuroscience. TAMIN has a weekly seminar series and annual symposium.

Texas A&M University provides a unique environment for collaboration among scientists studying different areas of neuroscience in eight colleges (Agriculture, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Science and Veterinary Medicine).  The faculty of neuroscience (FNS) at TAMU/TAMHSC studies range from basic neuroscience to translational research aimed at developing therapies for neurological conditions including Alzheimer's disease, ataxia telengiectasia, autism, cerebral palsy, depression, drug addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome, epilepsy, hereditary rat neuronal system degeneration, meningoencephalomyelitis, multiple sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, neuromuscular diseases, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, stress disorders and tumors of the nervous system.

C. Jane Welsh, PhD
2014 Chair Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience
Texas A&M University

Whitaker Rods

Rod photoreceptors are retinal cells that are able to sense down to a single photon of light. These cells stack together in the posterior portion of the eye in the retina. Shown is a top-down view of the rod outer segments imaged by scanning electron microscopy. - Thad Whitaker and the FIVR 2014 Class

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